The Lacemakers Circle Members’ Meeting 2012

Dear Members

This was the last meeting of the Lacemakers Circle and though a sad and at times emotional occasion was much enjoyed by those who came. The hall was full and our supplier Claire was kept busy, as well as helpers at our sales table. Alresford Lacemakers had put on a lovely display and welcomed all with tea/coffee and biscuits, thank you Margaret Fowkes for organising this. We had two raffles one for the first edition of ‘Lace Villages’ and the other a general raffle. The remaining library books were available to purchase and magazines to take away.

The minutes of the business meeting follow, I do urge you to read them, in particular the message from Diana Millner, the Chairman. At the end of this Diana presented Brenda Hennah, who has helped her on the sales table for many years, with a plant and the retiring Committee with special bobbins.

After lunch Jane Atkinson gave an inspirational and illustrated talk on her contemporary lace. This is much speedier to make than the traditional and can be commercial, it also provides a ‘quick fix’ for modern life and as such is probably the way forward. She was thanked by Janice Cole.

The final event of the day was the cutting of the cake by Diana, this bore the Lacemakers Circle Logo and dates. There were two versions sponge and fruit. The meeting closed at 4pm.

Minutes of the Members’ Meeting 2012.

1. Present; There were 37 people present at the meeting.

2. Apologies; Many members, from home and overseas, had sent their apologies together with thanks for hard work by the past and present committee and sorrow at the closure.

3. Minutes; The minutes of the MAM 2011 were available and had been circulated in the magazine. Shelly Canning, seconded by Jennifer Williams proposed their adoption.

4. There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere.

5. Chairman’s Report; Our Member’s Meeting at Ryton-on-Dunsmore last April really set the scene for the rest of the year. In spite of being held at a well known venue it was extremely poorly attended. At that meeting those present voted in favour of closure. The June issue of the ‘Lacemaker’ included a voting paper for membership to decide on closure or, if to carry on, to provide new committee members. The result was given at the EGM in favour of closure. Many members would have liked the magazine to continue but realised that it was not possible without a full committee and sufficient funding. All invitations to events were honoured and our last event of the year was held at Havant. Any stock left from these events is here on sale, some at greatly reduced prices. One of the consequences of closure was to decide on how to deal with the library. The December issue of the ‘Lacemaker’ carried a list of books for sale. The response was very good and my thanks go to Jennifer Williams who dealt very efficiently with packing and posting despite having been in hospital for an emergency operation. There are some 20 books on sale here, if you are interested please see Jennifer. Many loyal members agree that our magazine is the best. During the year the Editor has produced four and has given us an excellent souvenir issue with which to finish. On behalf of all absent members I wish to thank Janice Cole very much indeed for all the time consuming work needed to produce the magazine. I would like to thank our advertisers, proof reader and all contributors who helped with the magazine. Besides the above mentioned Committee members we must not forget those who work behind the scenes. June Salmon, Treasurer, has had the difficult task of keeping us solvent to the end; Glenys Wilkins, Secretary, who deals with all Committee affairs and correspondence; Shelly Canning, Membership Secretary, has kept records of membership and provided the labels to go to Pat Ferguson who has sent out the magazine during the past year. During the past months we have received a large number of Butterflies to go to the Holocaust Museum in Houston. My thanks go to all of you who have taken the time to make them. We cannot accept any more as they will shortly be on their way to America. Over the past 24 years I have attended countless Lace Days, Suppliers Fairs and Shows. Many members have helped me but there is one who has supported me and achieved more sales than the rest put together, my friend for more than 60 years, Brenda Hennah. To finish I would like to say how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Lacemakers Circle from the very first meeting in my living room to the last here at Alresford. I give you all my thanks for making the last 24 years a memorable experience. Diana Millner, April 2012 Jennifer Williams thanked Diana on behalf of all the members for all her hard work during the last 24 years.

6. Treasurer’s Report; June Salmon read out a short comment from the independent examiner Peter Bray; “This being the final year of operation there is no need for any comments towards future activity or progress. It is often repeated that nothing lasts forever and that everything has to come to an end. Whilst this report concerns an ending it should be seen as an ending only to a successful and invigorating collaboration between so many with a fascination and interest in the making of lace. Lace making will continue and there will always be a future for those who have that interest.”June commented that fashions do go in circles, look at the present resurgence in knitting. The money looks healthy though there are still accounts to settle; postage for the magazine and this letter in particular. The cost of promotion is down for the year but postage has increased. I am unable at this time to give the final figure to go to charity, this will only be known in July, but I estimate that it will be about £1,500 (the final sum will be posted on the website).. It includes the extra from those members who chose not to cancel their standing orders. Detailed accounts are available here and on request from myself. Acceptance of the report was proposed by Jan Cowl and seconded by Chris Clark.

7. Librarian’s Report; Jennifer Williams reported that it had been decided to sell the books at nominal amounts for the benefit of members. This had raised £171.95 plus any money taken today to add to the money to go to charity. Acceptance of the report was proposed by June Salmon and seconded by Glenys Wilkins.

8. Appointment of Independent Examiner; this was not deemed necessary as he was happy for us to conclude matters ourselves with the bank.

9. Disposal of Assets; The committee proposed that any assests remaining at final closure of accounts go to ‘Nature in Art’ at Twigworth, Gloucestershire, who had invited us to exhibit there and had gone out of their way to be helpful. Janice Cole explained that she had spoken to the Director, Simon Trapnell to enquire what they needed. He proposed that any money would be used to update display cases, a plaque acknowledging our contribution would be attached. It is a Museum and Art Gallery which constantly changes exhibits around and there would be the occasional display of lace. Shelly Canning, seconded by Ruth Jackson, proposed that we give any remaining funds to Nature in Art, this was unanimously agreed by those members present. Janice Cole pointed out that there was one special asset to be disposed of, the lace tablecloth, she said that the committee felt this should be given to Diana. All agreed. Diana accepted and explained a little about its history and how Janet Matthews, now sadly no longer with us, had painstakingly put all the various squares together with lace.

10. There being no other business the meeting closed at 11.30am.